YouTube Promotional Materials

YouTube Pre-Roll Advertistements

YouTube advertisements are a great way to spread the word about your product, band, new release...or practically anything that you are looking to promote.
Thinny Web & Music Services can provide you with a short, snappy ad, edited together from your music, images, album covers or promotional videos, at an affordable price!
Contact Us now with your requirements!

Static Music Videos
When a full on music video isn't an option, often a static music video can be just as effective, displaying your album artwork, getting your track out there in full and supplying links within the video screen to places where the track or album can be purchased! Many labels and musicians use this now as an invaluable promotional tool. As an example for what we could do for you, see the below video that we provided for Toseland and their single 'We'll Stop At Nothing'. Contact Us now for a quote!

To Be Continued...

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